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How do we identify the 500?

The selection of the Forest 500 is based on two criteria: (1) risk of being linked to tropical deforestation through involvement in or potential exposure to forest risk commodity supply (FRC) chains; and (2) influence within the political economy of tropical deforestation.

Key producing and trading countries are selected in order to guide selection of the most influential companies operating in these jurisdictions. Producing countries are those in which the largest areas of tropical forest are located but that are losing this forest cover at a rapid rate and high volume, due to expanding commodity production. Trading countries are those importing the largest value of commodities from these producer countries.

The 350 companies represent the players with the greatest influence within global FRC supply chains. As these companies hold dominant positions in commodity production, processing, manufacture and/or retail, they are at greater potential risk of exposure to unsustainably produced FRCs. Companies are selected based on the scale of their commodity production, the volume of commodities they process or trade, and their market share within global manufacturing and retail sectors.

The 150 financial institutions are the key investors, lenders and other financial institutions exposed to forest risk commodity supply chains. They have been identified according to data on their shareholdings, bondholdings, and lendings and underwritings.

For more details, please see the full selection methodologies for countries, companies, and financial institutions.