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Supply Chain Transparency Network: New State of Play Report

A growing number of public and private actors are committing to address agriculture’s destructive impact on tropical forests. To help aid and track the progress of these commitments, many supply chain information platforms, decision support processes and research initiatives have sprung up. The new report by the Supply Chain Transparency Network provides an up-to-date overview of these rapidly evolving transparency projects.

Organised by Global Canopy Programme and Stockholm Environment Institute, the Supply Chain Transparency Network promotes dialogue among transparency initiatives. Improved understanding of the supply chain transparency landscape is vital if these valuable data sources are to be effectively coordinated to accelerate impact. This report presents 28 different projects whose work spans a range of places and supply chain actors, from producers through to retailers of agricultural commodities. 

Number of initiatives focusing on different supply chain actors

By clarifying the current state of play, the report showcases opportunities for positive action and alignment among initiatives before presenting the next steps in the development of the Transparency Network. Read the full report here.

Image: Chris D 2006 via, creative commons licence