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Forest 500 Data & Methods

On this page, you can find the assessment and selection methodologies used by Forest 500 and learn about how to use and download the full Forest 500 datasets. 

Forest 500 Data

Over 200,000 data points are available to download for each year, including scores for all indicators, quotes and links used in the assessments. General information on the companies and financial institutions is also included, such as operating countries, sectors they operate in, and at which stages of the supply chain they are exposed to deforestation risk. 

In 2022 as we re-selected the 350 companies and 150 financial institutions, the selection data for producer and trader countries has also been updated.

Explore some potential uses of the data and download the Forest 500 datasets below.

We wish to thank the supporters and contributors to our data.


Download the 2022 company data

Download the full 2022 company data below.

You can also download our guide to using the Forest 500 company data here.

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Download the 2022 financial institution data

Download the full 2022 financial institution data below.

You can also download our guide to using the Forest 500 financial institution data here.

Supply chain workers

Download the latest country data

To select the Forest 500, Global Canopy first identifies the key countries producing and trading forest-risk commodities. Download the data used for this selection below.

How to use the Forest 500 data

All Forest 500 data is publicly available on our website, which you can download above, or view on our ‘Rankings’ page. On the company ranking and financial institution ranking pages, filters can be used to explore specific commodities, segments, or sectors and their results, as well as being able to click through to individual company profiles to explore their assessment in more detail.

For further guidance on downloading the datasets, watch the video explainer:

How to use the Forest 500 data