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Tumi Holdings Inc (Tumi) is a lifestyle company, predominantly selling travel and business products and accessories.  It is a US based company, established in 1975 and with its headquarters in the state of New Jersey. Tumi’s products are sold under the ‘business’, ‘travel’ and ‘everyday’ lines, and include products such as briefcases and backpacks, large wheeled luggage and weekend bags, small leather goods and electronics cases, and other accessories, such as belts and umbrellas, many of which include leather products,.

Tumi is a worldwide name in the bags and luggage industry and a dominant figure in the market, ranking among the top four key vendors globally. The company’s products are sold worldwide at more than 1,900 points of sale in a total of over 75 countries. Tumi outsources all of its manufacturing operations, which are mostly located in Asia since all manufacturing activities were relocated there in 2001 and 2002. Tumi works with manufacturers in China, Vietnam and Thailand, and outside of Asia, in the Dominican Republic (since 2010). Products are sold through a variety of channels, including retail, wholesale and online, which comprise: Company-owned outlets; partner stores which sell only Tumi products; and a global network of wholesalers, including department stores, and specialist luggage shops.

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Accessories & luggage
United States
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Public listed
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Consumer Goods Forum member
New York Declaration on Forests signatory

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