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Image shows rainsforest burning in Brazil

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Tropical forests are essential for our survival. They provide oxygen for the air we breathe, purify the water we drink, and are home to indigenous people and local communities as well as millions of plants and animals. They are also essential to fight climate change.

But our demand for commodities including beef, soy (for animal feed), and palm oil are driving the expansion of agriculture into tropical forests, adding fuel to the fires raging in the Amazon, in the Brazilian Cerrado, and in Indonesia as well.

European consumption is responsible for over 10% of forest loss.

But new laws could help protect tropical forests and we have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to curb deforestation by calling on the EU to ensure those new laws are strong enough.

Add your voice and call for a strong law to ensure products linked to deforestation no longer appear on our supermarket shelves by filling in the form below.

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Photo: WWF Brazil