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Why we need to tell the EU to introduce strong laws on deforestation

What's the problem

Research reveals we are losing natural habitats at an alarming rate. Over the past decade, the Amazon has lost more than 8.4 million football fields worth of tree cover, and 10 million football fields of natural habitat has been lost in the Cerrado, the most biodiverse savannah in the world. The main driver is destructive agriculture for commodities such as soy used in animal feed, palm oil, livestock, cocoa and more. These ingredients are hidden on our supermarket shelves, and very hard to avoid. 

The EU must play a leading role in the protection of the world's forests and other ecosystems. If we don’t stop deforestation, forest degradation or the conversion and degradation of other ecosystems, we might lose our fight against climate change and biodiversity collapse. You can help change this!

Act NOW #Together4Forests: ask the European Commission to protect our future! 

Hidden deforestation in the supermarket

Ask the European Union to act to end deforestation in our supermarkets

Who is responsible? 

Deforestation and land destruction are complex problems in which we are all wittingly or unwittingly involved in. The European Union does not currently stop products linked to the destruction of nature from entering the EU market, so this means they can end up on our supermarket shelves and our plates. Palm oil is an ingredient of many of our processed foods and cosmetic products, while soy is fed to the animals raised for our local meat and dairy products. We are literally eating up our forests without even knowing it. 

The EU is a top importer of palm oil and soy, but also other commodities that drive deforestation like beef from livestock farming in the Amazon, coffee and cocoa. We do not want to ban these products - we want to make sure they are produced sustainably, but to do this we need a strong EU law. You can help. 

Act NOW #Together4Forests: ask the European Commission to protect our future! 


What's the solution?

Consumers deserve to know that the food they buy is not linked to deforestation, ecosystem conversion and land degradation.

A strong law that stops products linked to deforestation and ecosystem degradation from entering the EU market by the end of 2021 can achieve this. Such a law would have a massive impact, and it is now being discussed in Brussels. It is within reach, but we need your help to make it happen! 

Act NOW #Together4Forests: ask the European Commission to protect our future!